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The Band

The Theo & Brenna Band offers a high-energy live show with some of the best young vocal and instrumental talent available. Featuring the five classic bluegrass instruments, Theo & Brenna Band shows are full of intricate harmonies, blazing solos and an overall incredible live experience.

The story

Building on two years of participating in a college bluegrass band together, Theo and Brenna began scheming up plans to continue playing music. . .

When You Go

A Bluegrass Record

Recorded at the Butcher Shoppe in Nashville, TN

The first studio outing from Theo & Brenna since their college days features a total of seven songs from their live show, five of which are originals from both performers. 

This independently produced record includes the talents of Maddie Denton on fiddle and Jimmy Meyer on bass, features lead guitar from Jed Clark, and Mary Meyer on background vocals, mandolin and co-production.

Title Track


Theo and Brenna MacMillan are a sibling duo who offer a signature vocal blend and memorable songwriting. The duo assembled the Theo & Brenna Band in 2018 and began booking shows. In 2019 they released a 7-song EP titled "When You Go", which was followed up by a debut record on Mountain Fever Records in 2022 entitled "Dreams For Sale". The record showcases the duo's original songwriting as well as eclectic covers and traditional bluegrass offerings.



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